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90% of Entrepreneurs fail.

38% Run out of cash

35% Develop something with no market need

20% Get outcompeted

19% Have a flawed business model

18% Face regulatory/legal challenges

14% Do not have the right team

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Expand your Mindset and your Worldview

Building a successful start-up starts with you. Your mindset, how you view the world, and how you interact with the people around you play a crucial part in your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Principle #1: Expand your worldview
  • Principle #2: Think 10x, not 10%

Develop a Solution your Customers Love

35% of entrepreneurs fail because they develop a product nobody needs or wants. Not you though! You will develop a solution your customers truly love.

  • Principle #3: Focus on the problem, not the solution
  • Principle #4: Focus on outcome, not output!
  • Principle #5: Build your customer first, then your product
  • Principle #6: Start small & stay focused on one product feature

Craft a Business Model that Thrives and Actually Takes Off

19% of entrepreneurs fail because they have a flawed business model. Your business model actually will take off!

  • Principle #7: Innovate around your business model, not just your product
  • Principle #8: Draw from abundance, not scarcity
  • Principle #9: Check the Ethics

Build your A Team

14% of entrepreneurs fail because they do not have the right team. An additional 7% fails because of disharmony among the team. On top of that are 5% that fail because of burned out founders or lacking passion. Not you. You will build a high performance team.

  • Principle #12: Build your dream team
  • Principle #13: Build your community

Learn, Iterate, and Pivot

We now know that 35% of entrepreneurs fail because they develop a product nobody needs or wants and 19% of entrepreneurs fail because they have a flawed business model. One big reason why these entrepreneurs even end up in this situation is because they do not rapidly learn from the market, iterate, and pivot if necessary.

  • Principle #14: Maximize learning and experimentation
  • Principle #15: Measure your progress

Stay Cash Rich

38% of entrepreneurs fail because they run out of money. Not you because for you, cash is king!

  • Principle #16: Manage your cash!
  • Principle #17: Scale only after product market fit
  • Principle #18: Pitch like a pro and raise money


Okay, you made it! You actually achieved product market fit. The one missing thing now is: GROWTH. So scale up your venture now!

  • Principle #19: Double down on marketing, but do it right
  • Principle #20: Professionalize your sales page
  • Principle #21: Optimize your structure, processes, and user experience for growth

Bonus: Avoid the Pitfalls of Corporate Intrapreneurship

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Innovation is nothing that just happens. The secret sauce is utilizing creative processes that guide you all the way. Simon is my go-to expert in that regard and this blueprint is a great example of what he is capable of.

KEVIN RIEDL, Web3 Expert

The Blueprint for 10x Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start or grow their own business or working with corporate innovations. With its practical advice, real-world examples, and emphasis on mindset and attitude, this guide is sure to inspire and guide on their journey to success!

KRISTINA DZIADEVYCH, Senior Product Manager

Jeff Booth, entrepreneur and author, talks about the importance of a beginner’s mindset in his book “The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future.” Booth believes that a beginner’s mindset is especially important in a world that is rapidly changing and evolving due to technological advancements. It can be challenging to have a beginners mind and radically innovate in parallel. Simon’s actionable and practical advice, as well as his global network, supports entrepreneurs to make important progress.

SOPHIE KRANTZ, Global Strategist

Simon is an exceptional facilitator. He knows a lot about exponential organizations and their attributes. He is very good at sharing his knowledge and promoting learning among team members. In addition, Simon seeks to give a personalized treatment to each member of the team without losing the general structure. During the EXO Consultant certification I learned a lot from Simon, his comments and feedback were very valuable. I highly recommend him.


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